Cycle Counting Sled

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The Cycle Counting sled was designed to perform cycle counts and full inventory counts in a fraction of the time. It reduces the high labor costs associated with counts and provides accurate, up-to-date inventory data. 1

Zebra Trade-In Program

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Can you believe it’s already September? It’s still 100 degrees here in Southern California, but it’s already time to start thinking about year-end! If you use Zebra printers, there is a great trade-in program going on until the end of the year. Trade in your old Zebra or other barcode printer for a rebate:   If you’re using older printers, …

Service Coverage

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This is the reason we recommend Comprehensive Coverage with Service from the Start. This is an MC9190 that got run over by a forklift. Oops! They’re actually very durable scanners, able to withstand a 6 foot drop to concrete. But, accidents happen, and our client’s Comprehensive Coverage means they can send it in to Motorola for repair (or replacement, if …

Soti MobiControl

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Last week we attended a Motorola/Soti Roadshow here in Southern California. It was excellent! We’ve been encouraging our customers to use Soti MobiControl on their handheld devices for awhile now, and the roadshow just renewed our excitement about this great product. Soti MobiControl is a Mobile Device Management tool that allows you to carefully lockdown and easily manage all your …

New Asset Tracking Software

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DeltaOne is excited to announce our newest software application for Asset Tracking! Asset Tracking can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with your DoubleCheck Live solution. With Asset Tracking, you can quickly manage your fixed and consumable assets across all your locations, and it works with barcoded and RFID-tagged assets. We’re in the process of rolling it …

Honeywell Thor Vehicle Mount Computer

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LXE, which is now a part of Honeywell, has announced end-of-life for some of the older vehicle mount computers. The replacement is the Honeywell Thor VM1 and VM2. These are great products! We love selling the Thors, because everyone who purchases them are so happy with the product! Why the change? The Thor has 3 essential new features: 1. A …