Wearable Scanners

hands-free ring scanners and wearable mobile computers

Wearable scanners are lightweight wearable computers that allow workers to use both hands for picking and sorting. Wearable computers fasten securely to the user and can be worn in various ways, like the hip, wrist, or finger. Keeping the employee’s hands and eyes on the task decreases wasted time in the workflow and increases efficiency.

Wear the Honeywell CW45 on your wrist and pair it with the Honeywell 8675i compact wearable scanner for hands free scanning. And check out the Zebra WT6300 wrist mount paired with a ring scanner. For a total hands-free experience, consider a voice-driven solution.

DeltaOne offers all major brands of wearable scanner hardware, including Honeywell and Zebra.

A warehouse worker wearing the Honeywell CW45 Wearable Computer.