Voice-Directed Solutions

honeywell voice (vocollect)

Voice directed devices help users be more productive by eliminating the need to read a screen or hold a scanner.

Some Benefits of Voice-directed Devices

  • Heads up
  • Hands-free
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Faster through-put

Why Voice?

“Voice-directed picking also showed a strong correlation with ultra-high accuracy rates. Companies with Best in Class pick accuracy were 22 percent more likely to be using voice.”

“Voice-directed picking, when properly applied, can go a long way towards reducing labor costs. Best in Class companies were 56% more likely to be using voice-directed picking than companies in general.”

— Aberdeen Consulting Group,
What’s Really Working For Pallet, Case, and Piece-pick Operations?

DeltaOne is a Honeywell Voice total solutions provider.