Powercart Mobile Workstations

mobile shipping, receiving and in-aisle printing

Moving the office to warehouse floor can improve accuracy and reduce labor costs. Our Powercart mobile workstations are a game-changer for receiving, shipping and label printing. These carts eliminate the time workers spend running back and forth to the office to enter data, create labels and print documents. The carts also eliminate the time and errors resulting from handwritten documents.

Powercarts are industrial grade and built to take abuse. They have massive batteries that can power a PC, barcode scanner, label printer and even a laser printer through a full shift and beyond. Yet, a fully loaded cart can be easily maneuvered through a crowded warehouse. Carts are customizable, so if you have special requirements, such as an extended work surface for packing, we can tailor the cart to your operational needs.

Read a case study on how one of our customers, Southern California Gas (Sempra Energy), used a Powercart to improve productivity and reduce labor costs in their inspection area.

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