Equipment Configuration & Provisioning

device staging, data plan activations and management software

Whether it is a single unit or a rollout of thousands, DeltaOne Software can save you time and money by configuring your mobile computers before you receive them. Our service includes configuring device settings, loading software and locking down the system to prevent unauthorized use. We can also create customized documentation and training materials for your users.

In addition to the initial configuration, DeltaOne Software also provides configuration and remote control software for mobile computers. We offer Soti’s Mobi Control, Honeywell’s Mastermind, Wavelink’s Avalanche and Motorola’s MSP. These programs allow you to deploy a new or recently repaired device by merely scanning a few barcodes, and thus eliminating the need to go onsite to get a device on your network.

These programs will also allow you to update all your devices over the network. No longer is it necessary to have all the devices returned to install fixes or new features.

Finally, these programs offer the ability to remotely control the mobile computers. This allows your help desk team to quickly analyze and correct problems without leaving their desks.