Yard Management

gate check-in, trailer inspection, dock door management

DeltaOne Software’s Yard Management System was designed to track trucks, containers, and chassis flowing through the yard. It replaces the paper logbooks used at the guard shack and allows more information to be collected upon entry, as well as provide faster checkouts. The system keeps track of equipment in the yard to provide visibility and accounts for the time each piece is in the yard.

Like our Inventory Management software DoubleCheck Live, our Yard Management software is tailored to fit our customers’ workflow – instead of having them fit ours. Using our SQL based rapid development tools, we customize the solution to work seamlessly with most ERP and accounting systems. This allows our customers to implement the system without disrupting their existing systems or requiring expensive retraining.

Features and benefits:

  • Increase yard throughput
  • Decrease time in yard and at dock doors
  • Locate trucks and trailers in real-time
  • Quickly check-in, move, and check-out trucks
  • Scan/swipe driver’s licenses
  • Capture license plates
  • Photograph and track trailer ID and seal number
  • Inspect trucks and trailers
  • Utilization and billing reports