RFID Readers

handheld readers, fixed portals, and forklift-mounted readers

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification enables you to identify, track and manage your inventory and assets. RFID has an advantage over barcode applications in that it does not require line of sight to read a tag and in many cases does not require a person be present to initiate a scan. While not suitable for all applications, RFID is ideal for high-value items and tracking reusable containers and totes.

Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed RFID readers, or RFID portals, pick up RFID tags as they pass by. The Zebra (formerly Motorola) FX7500 can be used to track the movement of items within a warehouse from receipt to shipping.

Handheld RFID Readers

Gun-style handheld RFID readers are more like traditional mobile computers or handheld scanners than fixed readers. They have a large antenna to capture the RFID tags, and they can be used anywhere with a wireless network. Handheld RFID readers like the Zebra MC3300XR are perfect for asset tracking and inventory applications.

RFID Tags and Smart Labels

DeltaOne helps guide our customers to the right tag or label for your application. We supply nearly any type of tag you could need, and we do a full evaluation of your environment and item material, including thorough testing with the RFID equipment onsite, before selling you anything.

RFID Printers

If your application calls for print-on-demand RFID labels, we supply desktop, tabletop, and industrial RFID printers. The RFID antennas are built into the label. DeltaOne will help you find the right label for your application.

DeltaOne offers all major brands of scanning hardware.