Wireless Design

wireless site surveys, installation, troubleshooting, security

Reliable wireless networks are essential in industrial settings. DeltaOne Software has over 30 years of experience designing and installing wireless networks. It takes experience to design a system with the right balance of coverage, redundancy, and affordability.

DeltaOne Software has extensive experience in the most difficult of industrial environments from hazardous locations to subzero freezers, even beer distributors. While explosive environments and extreme temperature require sophisticated designs, few would consider a warehouse full of beer to be difficult. That is until you consider that beer is stored in liquid-filled glass and metal containers; with an ever-changing inventory, the metal containers reflect the radio waves while the glass bottles absorb them. These are some of the challenges associated with wireless design.

To ensure optimal coverage, DeltaOne Software uses predictive design tools, site surveys and experience to design the network specific to the application environment.

Wireless forklifts in a warehouse.