Soti MobiControl

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Last week we attended a Motorola/Soti Roadshow here in Southern California. It was excellent! We’ve been encouraging our customers to use Soti MobiControl on their handheld devices for awhile now, and the roadshow just renewed our excitement about this great product.

Soti MobiControl is a Mobile Device Management tool that allows you to carefully lockdown and easily manage all your different types of devices. Most of our customers have a wide range of devices — barcode scanners, vehicle-mounted computers, employee smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberries), tablets, and more. MobiControl lets you manage all these devices in once place, whether they are company-owned or just on the company network (Bring-Your-Own-Devices).

Here are just a few examples of the cool things you can do with MobiControl:

  • Set alerts: when a scanner is dropped, the battery is less than 20%, your service license is about to expire, etc.
  • Lock down the device so employees can only use certain programs — no more playing Solitaire during their shifts!
  • Prevent a driver from using his device when he’s on the move.
  • Use the Remote Control / Help Desk features to assist a user in another location, or let DeltaOne see what you are doing and help.
  • Deploy software patches and programs instantly across your organization to all devices with one click.
  • Employ geofencing — prevent users from taking pictures inside certain facilities, or turn off 3G and turn on wireless when a driver pulls into a warehouse location, for example.
  • Keep an in-house app catalog.
  • Check up on antivirus and security software, and add blocked sites across all devices.
  • Sync all data from all devices.

All this can be done by location, user role, individual user, etc. As you can see, it’s quite a powerful tool!

If you have more than 5 devices, you NEED this product. Ask us about MobiControl — it’s very cost-effective and will save you so much time and money in productivity and in troubleshooting. Plus, you’ll have peace-of-mind that your data is safe, no matter where your employees are.

Special incentives are available for users who have Motorola MSP and are current on their support.