Asset Tracking

check-in, check-out assets

DeltaOne Software’s Asset Tracking software allows you to keep track of all your fixed and consumable assets across all your locations. Save time allocating equipment, prevent loss and theft, and manage service contracts and repairs.

Asset Tracking can be used alone, with barcoded assets, or with RFID-tagged assets for optimal check-in / check-out speed.

Like all of DeltaOne’s software solutions, Asset Tracking can easily be tailored to your specific needs. Asset Tracking typically includes:

  • User tracking by login with role-based authority
  • Check-out / assign asset by username or badge number
  • Check-in and note asset condition
  • Transfer, retag, and asset inquiry
  • Cycle count / Inventory an asset location
  • Create / edit / delete assets and asset types. Asset properties include site, home location, asset class, condition, status, accumulated usage (hours or miles), warranty information, notes, serial number, part number, description, reference number, manufacturer, vendor, date of purchase, purchase order number, and date of last service. Batch data entry is included as well.
  • Reports and alerts on assets not returned, user history, asset history, repair status, and more.

Call DeltaOne to learn more about how Asset Tracking will save you time managing your equipment, improve employee responsibility, and decrease the amount of money you spend on new equipment and repairs.

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