Cold Storage Mobile Computers

scanners built for freezers and other sub-zero environments

Cold Storage Devices are designed specifically for sub-zero temperatures, extreme temperature fluctuations, and condensation. This hardware delivers high-performance mobile computing to your cold storage environment. Built for use by gloved hands, these devices will increase employee productivity and satisfaction. We will tailor a solution to your operational needs with this specialized hardware.

The Honeywell CK65 is the best-in-class device for use in freezers and extreme environments. The Zebra MC9300CT is ideal for docks near freezers and other cold, damp areas.

The Honeywell Thor vehicle-mount computer also works well in cold environments. These will keep your forklift drivers in their seats instead of jumping off the lift to scan items and moving mobile computers in and out of their pockets.

DeltaOne offers all major brands of cold storage and condensation-resistant hardware, including Honeywell and Zebra.

Workers operating forklifts in a cold storage warehouse.