Honeywell Thor Vehicle Mount Computer

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LXE, which is now a part of Honeywell, has announced end-of-life for some of the older vehicle mount computers. The replacement is the Honeywell Thor VM1 and VM2. These are great products! We love selling the Thors, because everyone who purchases them are so happy with the product!

Why the change? The Thor has 3 essential new features:

1. A field-replaceable front panel that lets you swap out the keyboard, touch screen, or defroster without sending it in for service.

2. A quick-mount smart dock that allows you to easily remove the computer and move it to another vehicle. You can get away with fewer units by moving them from place to place.

3. Ignition control means the unit turns on as soon as your vehicle is on.

So what’s the difference? The VM1 has a full physical keyboard, while the VM2 has a larger screen and is all touchscreen, no keyboard. Both allow you to attach a corded or wireless scanner.


The end-of-life units are the VX3 – VX7 models. You will no longer be able to buy parts or service for these models.

It might be time for a refresh! Call DeltaOne Software for more information about the Thor and competitive pricing.