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Shipping to Walmart and complying with the RFID Playbook? Already have tags vetted by the Auburn University RFID Lab? Verify that the tags you are shipping are correct before they get on the truck!

DeltaOne's RFID SGTIN app simplifies retail RFID compliance verification so that your shipments can be shipped out quickly. Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring your UPC/GTIN labels meet RFID mandates for retail SGTIN encoding.

The RFID SGTIN app is compatible with Zebra's MC3330xR and MC3390xR RFID readers or any Android device that can be paired with a Zebra RFID sled like the RFD40 or RFD90.

This app makes RFID SGTIN tag scanning easy. Select your item, point and read to get counts of your tagged products.

  • Accurate reading for GS1 RFID compliance for major retailers.
  • Increase shipping efficiency and double-check quantities.
  • Reads 96-bit SGTIN tags according to the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard and displays tag data in several useful formats.
  • One scan captures the company, item, count, serial number and tag hex of all nearby RFID labels.
  • Optionally sync your master item data though the cloud.

Android-only and available in the Google Play Store or on our download page.