DoubleCheck Live

rapid-deployment development platform

DoubleCheck Live by DeltaOne Software. A rapid development data capture platform.

Do you need mobile data capture with high performance barcode scanning but no off-the-shelf app seems to fit?

DeltaOne Software’s DoubleCheck Live system is a powerful application development tool for data capture with mobile computers. With all the business logic implemented in SQL stored procedures, the handheld app never changes but the workflows do. DoubleCheck Live enables limitless data capture transactions customized to your specific needs for almost any ERP system.

With DoubleCheck Live you own all the data and you can create your own reports and functions as needed or DeltaOne’s engineers can create the solution. We can build the system to fit your needs rather than requiring you to conform to the software.

DoublCheck Live - Can automate a wide range of business processes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Asset Tracking
  • Catch-Weight Processing
  • Merchandizing
  • Compliance Applications

With DoubleCheck Live you can capture:

  • All types of barcodes with integrated scan engines
  • Photos with the integrated camera
  • RFID tags with fixed or handheld readers
  • NFC tags
  • Weights from IP-connected scales
  • A record of operator’s transactions - time stamps / dates

Using DoubleCheck Live makes inventory real time and error free

  • Eliminates manual data entry and accuracy is improved
  • Picking and Shipping errors are greatly reduced
  • Productivity improvement
  • Pick inventory based on FIFO and track lot numbers
  • Leverage reliable inventory counts to reduce safety stock
  • Cycle counting identifies and locates inventory problems
  • Link product labeling to accounting software to insure that item and lot codes match purchase or production orders
  • Inventory can be reconciled daily, and your accounting application will accurately reflect the quantities in the warehouse
  • Supervisors and accounting staff now have the time to perform higher value tasks NOT data entry
  • Data accuracy reduces the amount of labor throughout your organization – improving your bottom line!

With DoubleCheck Live’s powerful application development tool we can develop a solution to fit your needs rather than requiring you to conform to the software.

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