catch-weight processing

QuikWgt is DeltaOne’s catch-weight solution, designed to quickly and accurately capture variable weights.

QuikWgt eliminates hand calculations of weights and provides instant, accurate reports. It keeps your users out of the office and on the dock, so you can turn product rapidly and invoice immediately.

  • Highlights:
  • Accurate weight totals
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase efficiency in picking, shipping, and receiving
  • Quickly trace products by date, customer, lot, serial number, etc.
  • Invoice and get paid faster
  • Read standard UCC labels and custom formats
  • One scan captures product ID, date, weight, and carton serial number
  • Reports satisfy USDA, customs, and most customer requirements
  • Reports can be easily modified for additional requirements
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy to learn
  • Users can decode proprietary formats on the fly
  • Standalone or integrated into your existing accounting, ERP, or WMS