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Real-time visibility of your products and processes is critical to your bottom line. DeltaOne Software and Zebra offer visibility solutions that will give you the data you need to ensure compliance, manage lots and food expiration dates, shorten recalls, and improve customer service.

Inventory Solutions

DeltaOne provides scalable inventory control software designed to work with most accounting and ERP systems. Our software includes receiving, put away, cycle count, picking, and shipping. It also works with serialized and lot controlled inventory, and it supports multiple warehouse and bin locations.

Catch-Weight Solutions

DeltaOne’s catch-weight software easily captures variable weights used in the food industry. Use it alone or integrate it with your ERP or WMS. Detailed weight sheets satisfy USDA, Customs, and most customers’ requirements.

Zebra TC8000

Ergonomic form factor increases productivity up to 14%. Customers love its innovative design. Still using your trusty green-screen software? All-Touch TE turns your green-screen WMS functions into modern, user-friendly touchscreen functions.

Read the TC8000 brochure and spec sheet, plus information about All-Touch TE.

Zebra Wearable Computers

Leave your hands free for moving boxes, driving forklifts, and packaging. Windows and Android models available, as well as corded and Bluetooth ring scanners.

Android WT6000 and Windows WT4100 wrist-mount computers.

RS6000 Bluetooth ring scanner and RS419 corded ring scanner.

Zebra MC9200

The gold standard in rugged mobile computing, this device does it all. Available in both Windows and Android. The Windows version can be upgraded to Android when you’re ready to make the switch.

Read the brochure and spec sheet here.

Zebra 105SL+ Printer

Zebra’s rugged printers are built for the toughest warehouse environments. The right printer and media can make a huge difference in your workflow. If you have special labeling requirements, like FDA or USDA labels, freezer-rated labels, or custom sizes, DeltaOne can help find the right printer and label for you.

Read the 105SL+ spec sheet.

When you look at your business, what do you see? DeltaOne and Zebra give you the tools, knowledge, and power to tighten your controls, simplify your day-to-day operations, and improve your bottom line.

Contact DeltaOne for an evaluation of your processes and to see how DeltaOne and Zebra can help. Call (714) 528-SCAN or email us today.