Make Your MC9190 Beep Louder!

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We find that the “beep” on MC9190’s is not loud enough in a noisy warehouse or production area. It’s an easy fix! Just follow the steps below.

Making the MC9190 beep loudly with DataWedge

  1. Admin-logon to the AppCenter lock down tool (password “symbol”) then minimize its window to see the desktop.
  2. Tap the triangle DataWedge tray icon at the bottom to get the settings window.
    (Status:Ready, Running:Yes, Basic configuration, etc.)
  3. Tap “Basic Configuration”.
  4. Tap “Barcode input”
  5. Tap #1, whatever it is for the laser.
  6. Scroll down and tap #7 “Feedback”
  7. Tap #2 “Good decode”
  8. Tap #1 “Beeper”
  9. Tap #4 “Volume”
  10. Type 3 and tap “Save”.
  11. Tap #0 “Back” 5 times.
  12. Tap #0 “Exit” and confirm “OK” that you want to exit.
  13. Close the DataWedge settings window.
  14. Bring the AppCenter window back up and “logout” so that the gun is back to normal.

If you need additional help with your MC9190 or any other barcode scanner or mobile device, call DeltaOne Software!