Cold Storage Solutions

Utilizing mobile devices in cold environments or drastically differing climates can negatively impact performance, reliability and wireless connectivity. Honeywell’s cold storage mobile computers, supported by DeltaOne Software, offer the solution. Honeywell’s rugged cold temperature devices use materials and processes designed specifically for extreme conditions—from casing to internal circuitry—providing an unparalleled IP65 rating and protecting against extreme cold, temperature fluctuation and condensation.
Honeywell industrial cold storage products solve degradation issues ranging from external housing and internal components to connectors, batteries and ergonomics. Productivity and accuracy thrive, even in the coldest environments, thanks to Honeywell's next generation cold storage mobile tools, sustained by DeltaOne Software.
A Honeywell white paper titled "The Cold Hard Facts: Using Rugged Mobile Computers in Cold Environments."
The first page of the Honeywell Thor VM1A data sheet.
The cover of a Honeyell brochure titled "When Every Second Counts, Honeywell Delivers."
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