DeltaOne Acquires Xceliware

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We have an exciting announcement!

DeltaOne Software recently acquired Xceliware. Xceliware was a well-known solutions provider of warehouse management and supply chain solutions. Like DeltaOne, Xceliware was headquartered in Southern California.

This acquisition expands DeltaOne’s portfolio of data collection solutions which include: warehouse management, inventory control, asset management, barcode and RFID solutions, and wireless infrastructure (consultation, surveys, and installation). We will continue to offer the software and technology that we are known for, as well as the first-class solutions that Xceliware brought with them.

DeltaOne’s team of sales and software engineers are enthusiastic about these changes and are working diligently to ensure that both DeltaOne’s customers and Xceliware’s customers continue to receive the support they have come to know and trust. We look forward to meeting and working with Xceliware’s customers and partners.

We would love to share with you more about the expanded solutions offerings and how they might help your business. For more information, please call us at (714) 528-7226. We look forward to an exciting future!